LEUK initiated its activity in 2012 with the aim of coming up with solutions as regarding illumination materials exclusively in LEDs – considering its low consumption and high energetic efficiency, features the market increasingly seeks.

What was learnt, since the company’s start, about the potentialities of the marketed product has culminated with the company’s orientation for the verticalization of its activity- producing. This orientation was strategically defined and developed being LEUK’s new investment for it allows the company to offer its customers an innovative, internally produced, certified and completely customized product so as to respond to the customers’ demands.

Having as a main goal the total satisfaction of the customer, its value rests on four major pillars: Efficiency, Design, Quality and Innovation. It has an experiment technical department that always has an eye out for the evolution of illumination technologies, seeking solutions that will meet the customer’s requirements while establishing a commitment between aesthetics, functionality and energetic efficiency.